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Compressing PDF Documents for Faster Display and Easier Storage

Many PDF document files are far bigger than they need to be. Bloated PDF documents take a long time to display, especially when viewed online or through a network, and they take a lot of processing power, as well.

At a time when most content creators want their documents to be mobile-friendly, bloated PDFs can take an unacceptably long time to download to mobile devices, and can tax mobile devices’ processing power when displayed. Corporate repositories overflow their available storage space when thousands or millions of stored PDF files are bigger than they need to be.

All of these problems caused by oversize PDF documents can be effectively addressed through technology that compresses PDF documents for optimal size.

By reading this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • About a proven method for conveniently compressing PDF documents to reduce their storage footprint and accelerate their transmission and display speed
  • The technical and practical deficiencies in alternative approaches to PDF compression
  • How to use just a few lines of C# .NET code to compresses a PDF file

White Paper

Optimizing WordPress Performance with Plugins

This article describes three ways to dramatically improve WordPress performance by doing nothing more than installing a plugin and choosing a few settings. All three plugins described are available from the WordPress Plugin Directory at

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Unleashing the Power of Document Sharing for Students, Faculty, and Administrators in Higher Education

While messaging via email or learning management system (LMS) has emerged as the critical and comfortable link for daily information exchange in higher education, it has unfortunately also come to double in many institutions as a platform for document sharing, an essential activity for which it is ill-suited.

Faculty distribute important documents such as syllabi and test notes in attachments to email or other messaging media, a time-consuming practice that greatly increases the risk that recipients will wind up with outdated or incorrect information. Administrators commit the same error when sharing policy documents and other critical communications.

Sharing documents through links on school websites or LMSs avoids some of the problems inherent in sharing attachments, but doing so is often inconvenient for faculty and staff, and an additional burden on IT staff maintaining the website. Doing so also shares another fundamental flaw with distributing documents through message attachments: What if the recipient does not have the application or viewer program required for reading the document type attached?

This whitepaper describes how the use of a document sharing environment designed for the purpose can enhance communication effectiveness in higher education settings.

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PICTools Medical JPEG XR

The PICTools Medical SDK now contains support for JPEG XR – the latest image coding standard from the JPEG ISO Standards Committee. As Standards Committee members, Accusoft scientists have been involved in all phases of the standardization process and are extremely familiar with the technology. Accusoft was selected by Microsoft to develop Microsoft’s HD Photo Photoshop plugin in 2007. Early experience with the HD Photo Device Porting kit for inclusion in both PICTools SDKs and other Microsoft and Accusoft developed products led to the creation of the fastest, most robust, commercial implementation in the world. These optimizations and enhancements, including new JPEG XR functionality, are available now in the PICTools Medical SDK, providing the fastest, most robust, implementation of the technology to PICTools licensees.

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Using jQuery to Embed a Slideshow in a Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website that is probably best known for funny pictures, videos, animated GIFs, and of course, NSFW content. Tumblr does a great job of letting all types of people express themselves using all forms of media--except one. You can't put a slideshow on Tumblr. At least not without some outside help.

That help has arrived with Prizm Cloud. Prizm Cloud is a cloud-based embeddable document viewer that displays more than 300 different file types. Using a simple jQuery plugin, you can now not only embed self-running PowerPoint presentations, but also easily make a slideshow from a multi-page document in almost any format: PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPEG and many more.

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HTML5 vs. Flash – What You Need to Know

It's been five years since the announcement of HTML5, and yet the HTML5 vs. Flash debate continues to rage on among developers. Everywhere you look, from newspapers to magazines to the Internet, you’re swamped with articles about these technologies, often offering conflicting advice about which is the better solution. With all the noise on this subject circling in the technology stratosphere, how do you decide which one is best for you?

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Use SharePoint Designer 2010 to Create a Document Viewer

The Prizm Content Connect Viewer can be utilized in a variety of ways in SharePoint, and this tutorial will show how in a few quick steps, you can create a web part page that will allow you to scroll through your documents and see the Prizm Content Connect Viewer load the content immediately on the same page.

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Collaboration in e-Discovery

Anyone who has been involved the e-Discovery process for a case understands that it can be complicated, time-consuming and require the involvement of several people from cross-functional teams. Any lack of collaboration between the different teams can lead to severe consequences, such as additional time and cost, duplication of efforts, and potentially not communicating critical observations.

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PICTools Medical JPIP (JPEG 2000 – Part 9)

The Accusoft PICTools Medical software development kit (SDK) provides sophisticated imaging technology enabling engineers to design and build a JPIP implementation wholly in accordance with the JPEG 2000, Part 9 standard. The JPIP standard is designed to speed optimize network viewing of user selectable resolutions and areas of interest on JPEG 2000 images.

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Top 4 Challenges When Viewing Documents in the Cloud

Implementing a solution that views documents stored in a cloud-based system, such as a content management system, engineering drawing repository or a technical publication library, can present some challenges. Each requires consideration to promote a good experience for the end user. There are four common challenges that you could face when implementing a cloud-based document viewing system: working with multiple file formats, variations in document size, browser-compatibility with HTML5, and viewing documents on mobile devices.

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Extract Images from a PDF Document

The PDF Format is a very popular medium for document exchange around the world. PDF files are great for saving and exchanging files across all platforms and on the internet. This whitepaper focuses on how you can use PDF Xpress to extract images from these PDF documents. There are certain circumstances where you may need to extract an image from a PDF file to use in Web pages, word processing documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc. For example, you might need to reuse an image within the PDF in another document when the source image file is no longer available.

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