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Webinar: Easily Markup, Secure & Share Content in SharePoint

March 24, 2015

Find out how to share and collaborate within SharePoint and empower users to access almost any document type, while ensuring content security and control through built-in Digital Rights Management.

Use the leading HTML5 viewer for better document management and collaboration in SharePoint:

-Control access to your organization's documents and images using native SharePoint 2013 ribbon and tools 
-Enable responsive design and allow users to access documents using mobile devices 
-Speed access and discovery of content using advanced in-document search functionality 
-Add, remove and modify Annotation and Redaction features 
-Allow users to easily convert dozens of content formats to PDF right inside SharePoint

Learn how to do all this and more with the leading HTML5 document viewer!


Webinar: Scan Paper Documents to the Cloud Faster

March 3, 2014

Your applications can scan documents straight to commercial cloud storage services, offering users and customers alike an enticing, valuable feature.

Cloud Scan is an online service for scanning documents directly to popular cloud storage devices, eliminating the hassles associated with typical cloud-scanning solutions. It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to integrate into any application or web app.

Cloud Scan is built on the combined imaging expertise of two industry leaders: Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, and EMC Corporation, the global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service.



Webinar: Improve Your Legal Case Review Process

February 17, 2015

Improve Your Legal Case Review Process with Prizm Content Connect 

Document Review is the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of eDiscovery. Save time and money by Integrating a fully customizable HTML5 viewer as a component for review and collaboration within your application. 

Prizm Content Connect empowers users to search documents more efficiently, secure more confidently, navigate faster, and review documents better than ever before!

  • Ensure that your documents are protected anywhere they are viewed  with configurable user permissions, and reduce your risk of theft, exposure and litigation. 
  • Faceted search lets users easily search text, annotations, comments, redactions, and redaction reasons.
  • Mark up documents with a full set of annotation and redaction features, content watermarking, and document signing.


Webinar: Prizm Content Connect: What's New?

The most secure, most feature-rich HTML5 viewing solution just picked up a pile of new tools and capabilities that enhance its security and customizability, and boost the user experience with expanded review, search, annotation features, image stamps, and content watermarking. And believe it or not, the fastest HTML5 document viewer is now faster than ever before. 

•Prizm Content Connect continues its goal of being the best eDiscovery viewer on the market.

•Enhanced document review and server side content watermarking to improve document security.

•Image Stamp annotations and redactions for further security & customization.


Sign Any Document on a Mobile Device: Prizm Content Connect

Learn how Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect can be used to electronically sign a document.


Prizm Content Connect: Document Signing

Prizm Content Connect empowers users to electronically sign documents, using either a freehand or typed signature. Document signing makes Prizm Content Connect the ideal any-format viewer for approvals, group-editing signoffs and many other document workflows. The viewer’s native support for virtually any device means users can sign documents anywhere, at anytime on their desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.


Prizm Content Connect: Annotation Comments

Prizm Content Connect features convenient, browser-based annotation and redaction tools that enable users to collaboratively mark-up any document, image or message file they view. Users get a wide array of tools, including text, stamp, shape and highlight annotations and both “draw to redact” and “select to redact.”text, stamp, shape and highlight annotations and both “draw to redact” and “select to redact.”


Webinar: Accelerate Invoice Processing with Easy-to-Integrate Accounts Payable Automation Solution

Add AP Automation to your workflow in a snap, and accelerate your invoice processing. 

Typing invoices into accounting systems is error prone, time consuming and burns money. It also leaves money on the table: According to Aberdeen Group, companies using the least AP automation get available early-payment discounts only 18% of the time, because they can’t complete invoice entry fast enough to meet the discount deadline. 

The new Accusoft FormSuite for Invoices SDK empowers developers to easily build custom applications that accurately capture AP data from scanned invoices for posting to accounting systems. 

The toolkit draws upon the power of Accusoft’s superior OCR and other advanced forms processing technology to intelligently and accurately detect and capture vendor names, dates, amounts, and even line item details. 

Join us to learn how easy integration of FormSuite for Invoices can help your company: 

•Eliminate the costly process of manual data entry from paper-based payables. 
•Capture data from scanned invoices and from Microsoft Word and PDF files. 
•Improve invoice processing accuracy over time, using the built-in self-learning intelligent recognition algorithms.


HTML5 - The Answer to Mobile Document Viewing

In today’s age of mobile phones & tablets, mobile usage exceeds desktop usage. Enterprise document viewing technology needs to be measured by the breadth, performance and flexibility of its mobile support.


Prizm Content Connect: Customization

Prizm Content Connect empowers your organization to optimize the viewer for your workflow. Through simple CSS and HTML, change colors, fonts and toolbar buttons, control the mobile viewer's adaptations to differing screen sizes, and more. You can achieve more advanced customization through our powerful APIs. This video provides a brief overview of the customization capabilities in Prizm Content Connect.


Webinar: Scan, View, Protect: A Document Solution for SharePoint 2013

With one click, your SharePoint users can view, annotate and redact any type of document file right from a SharePoint list, all through a fast, easy interface. All they need is an HTML5 browser--no plugins or players required, even on mobile devices.

- Scan directly into SharePoint
- Display hundreds of different document and image file types
- Tap advanced search tools integrated with SharePoint search
- Control content access through Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Join SharePoint experts from Accusoft, EzeScan and Total Solutions as we look at how to integrate document scanning, viewing and DRM into SharePoint 2013.


Webinar: HTML5 Document Viewing in SharePoint 2013

By integrating an HTML5 document viewer with SharePoint 2013, you enable your users to easily display almost any document file type right from a SharePoint list, through a consistent, easy-to-use interface with search, annotation, redaction, and DRM tools.

Join the experts from Accusoft and Prometix for this webinar to see how HTML5 document viewing makes collaborators on SharePoint 2013 more productive.


Webinar: Adding Advanced Search and Document Viewing to HTML5 Web Applications

To get the most out of your workflow, you need sophisticated search tools and a highly secure viewing platform that supports every device required, even mobile devices.

Adding advanced searching (with wildcard support, case-sensitivity, and pattern matching), annotations, redaction and more to your document-viewing toolbox can make your workflow more effective. Is your workflow undermined by fragmented, simple-text searches or the clumsiness of using multiple native applications to review multiple types of documents?

Join us, and we'll show you how you can simplify searching and viewing for your users!


SharePoint 2013 Converting and Redacting

Watch this short demonstration to learn how Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint empowers you to use an ordinary HTML5 browser to redact sensitive information from a document in SharePoint and then publish the redacted document as a fully searchable PDF file containing no trace of the redacted content.


DRM in SharePoint 2013

Watch this short demonstration to learn how Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint extends SharePoint 2013's digital rights management (DRM) capabilities within enterprise-class, multiformat, browser-based HTML5 document viewing--now optimized for mobile devices!


Webinar: Advanced Search and Document Viewing in HTML5 Web Applications for eDiscovery

An eDiscovery process is only as good as the tools used to conduct it. To get the most out of eDiscovery, you need sophisticated search tools and a highly secure viewing platform that supports every device required, even mobile devices.

Adding advanced searching (with wildcard support, case-sensitivity and more), annotations, redaction and more to your eDiscovery toolbox can both streamline the discovery process and make it more effective. Are fragmented simple text searches or the clumsiness of using multiple native applications to review various types of documents undermining the effectiveness of your eDiscovery?

Join us, and we’ll show you how you can simplify searching and viewing in your eDiscovery workflow!


Webinar: Save Space, Time and Money by Shrinking JPEG Files

Digital image files add up—on your camera, smartphone and website. They can overwhelm your device storage before you have a chance to offload them, exhaust your data plan during transmission, and choke your website.

Whether you're a photographer looking to store more photos on your Android device, a webmaster trying to streamline an image-heavy site, or a developer fighting huge image files, better JPEG compression can lighten your load, in more ways than one.

Using easy tools that apply Accusoft’s optimized JPEG compression, you can store more images in less space and transmit or display them faster without sacrificing image quality.

Join us to see how better JPEG compression can work for you.


Document Viewer for Salesforce Quickstart

This presentation provides an overview of the installation and configuration of the Document Viewer for Salesforce