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How do I obtain my Development License on a machine with no internet access when using the Silverlight SDK?

The License Manager which ships with the ImageGear Silverlight product does not create a hardware-encoded URL for disconnected registrations. Consequently, disconnected registration is less straightforward with the Silverlight products than it is with the other products.


Why am I receiving a bounced back message with the text, "Our system detected an illegal attachment on your message"?

If you need to send us an attachment that contains an EXE or DLL or any scripting file formats, we can no longer accept these file formats in ZIP files. Please provide your attachment in the RAR format.

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Can Accusoft controls be used in a multi-threaded environment and perform synchronous thread-safe processing?

Yes. An application using an Accusoft control can use multiple controls running in the same process, where they don't interfere with each other. The thread creating the control owns the control and is the only thread that can interact with it.

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