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WASI/NASE Worldwide is an international recreational scuba certification agency whose home office is located in Layton, Utah, USA. We are one of the fastest growing new scuba certification agencies, with over two thousand members or affiliated scuba instructors and diving facilities in the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, and the Americas. We supply certification standards, training materials, and training programs for our member instructors for use in their student training and certification programs, and we provide the completed picture identification card (PIC) to their students as proof of their certification status.

In order to better facilitate the certification process for our instructors and their students, we make available a member-protected on-line web facility for the submission of student certification information and their pictures for inclusion on the student's new certification cards. This method of information submission eliminates the lengthy cycles previously afforded through the conventional mail system. Installation of the TwainPRO component to the user's computer requires no expertise on the part of our members. A simple CAB file containing the appropriate files is automatically downloaded via normal web http mechanisms and installed on the user's system by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The images captured in the user's system are uploaded to a database in WASI/NASE Worldwide's home office via http for processing into the Student's PIC cards.

Accusoft's TwainPRO TWAIN component has provided the ideal solution for us to enable our members to scan their students pictures into our NetPics™ application software for forwarding to the agency for PIC processing. TwainPRO is simple and non-intrusive for the user to use, and has been easy for our software developers to integrate into the NetPics application. This has been a win-win solution for us all.

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