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JPEG compression technology

Dunord designs and manufactures electronic interface cards for production speed document scanners, and software products to process color images. Since 1989, Dunord has built an installed base of several thousand customers on all continents.

Dunord interfaces scanners from several manufacturers. Images coming from scanners can be captured in black and white or, subject to scanner capability, in up to 256 levels of gray, or 24-bit color. Dunord's unique TwinStream technology allows capture of both bi-tonal and gray images in a single pass at scanner rated speed.

Dunord products provide access to a wide range of flexible solutions. Drivers supplied with the cards will link your Windows application in Dunord's native mode, or through industry standards ISIS and TWAIN. Dunord's scanner interfaces show performance better than or equal to comparable products at a much lower cost. Gray, TwinStream, and our new color interfaces provide features unequaled by other currently available solutions.

Dunord has developed a series of software products to process color images:
- ColEraseT removes any number of background colors.
- ColIndexT finds and extracts highlighted or colored fields.
- ColAdaptT converts color or grayscale images to bitonal, using a dynamic threshold process.

After careful evaluation of a number of JPEG engines, we selected the Accusoft PICTools RapidVUE JPEG for ease of integration and the incredible speed. With the aid of the Accusoft JPEG libraries, our incredible scanning throughput to JPEG output files can reach 190 images/minute (200 dpi 8.5 x 11 pages, P3 1Ghz).

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