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Webinar: Scan, View, Protect: A Document Solution for SharePoint 2013

With one click, your SharePoint users can view, annotate and redact any type of document file right from a SharePoint list, all through a fast, easy interface. All they need is an HTML5 browser--no plugins or players required, even on mobile devices.

- Scan directly into SharePoint
- Display hundreds of different document and image file types
- Tap advanced search tools integrated with SharePoint search
- Control content access through Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Join SharePoint experts from Accusoft, EzeScan and Total Solutions as we look at how to integrate document scanning, viewing and DRM into SharePoint 2013.


Webinar: HTML5 Document Viewing in SharePoint 2013

By integrating an HTML5 document viewer with SharePoint 2013, you enable your users to easily display almost any document file type right from a SharePoint list, through a consistent, easy-to-use interface with search, annotation, redaction, and DRM tools.

Join the experts from Accusoft and Prometix for this webinar to see how HTML5 document viewing makes collaborators on SharePoint 2013 more productive.

White Paper

Augmenting SharePoint 2013 Security through Browser DRM

A gaping hole exists in SharePoint security. It isn't the sort of hole one usually thinks about when considering content security, the type that allows unauthorized users to bypass controls and access restricted content. Rather, it’s a hole in the functionality spectrum.

That spectrum is marked by extremes: Out of the box and for no additional cost, SharePoint provides only basic document security options that protect the integrity of the repository but don't effectively address misuse of content through unauthorized distribution. At the other end of the spectrum are add - on security solutions that address some of SharePoint's native security shortcomings, but do so only for a high implementation cost.

What's needed is a third option, in the center: an integrated way to augment SharePoint's native document security easily and effectively, and for a low cost in terms of licensing, infrastructure, implementation, maintenance and user training.

This whitepaper describes an approach to achieving that middle ground by diverting SharePoint 2013 document viewing to a secure browser-based environment with customizable digital rights management (DRM) controls and other additional functionality.


Webinar: Adding Advanced Search and Document Viewing to HTML5 Web Applications

To get the most out of your workflow, you need sophisticated search tools and a highly secure viewing platform that supports every device required, even mobile devices.

Adding advanced searching (with wildcard support, case-sensitivity, and pattern matching), annotations, redaction and more to your document-viewing toolbox can make your workflow more effective. Is your workflow undermined by fragmented, simple-text searches or the clumsiness of using multiple native applications to review multiple types of documents?

Join us, and we'll show you how you can simplify searching and viewing for your users!


The HTML5 viewer is not rendering readable text in Firefox when when using Bootstrap or YUI 3. What can be done to fix this?

With the increasing availability of Digital SLR cameras in the consumer market, many users are choosing to capture images in their camera manufacturer's proprietary RAW format in order to retain image information that is normally lost when capturing to the default JPEG format. Retaining as much information as possible is crucial to the workflow of most photographers so that they can perform post-processing with minimal loss of quality. Additionally, the rising popularity of HDR, TiltShift, and other photographic techniques have made retaining greater dynamic range in digital images paramount.

White Paper

Compressing PDF Documents for Faster Display and Easier Storage

Many PDF document files are far bigger than they need to be. Bloated PDF documents take a long time to display, especially when viewed online or through a network, and they take a lot of processing power, as well.

At a time when most content creators want their documents to be mobile-friendly, bloated PDFs can take an unacceptably long time to download to mobile devices, and can tax mobile devices’ processing power when displayed. Corporate repositories overflow their available storage space when thousands or millions of stored PDF files are bigger than they need to be.

All of these problems caused by oversize PDF documents can be effectively addressed through technology that compresses PDF documents for optimal size.

By reading this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • About a proven method for conveniently compressing PDF documents to reduce their storage footprint and accelerate their transmission and display speed
  • The technical and practical deficiencies in alternative approaches to PDF compression
  • How to use just a few lines of C# .NET code to compresses a PDF file


Webinar: HTML5 Document Viewing and Scanning for SharePoint 2013

By integrating an HTML5 document viewer with SharePoint 2013, you enable your users to easily display almost any document file type right from a SharePoint list, through a consistent, easy-to-use interface with search, annotation, redaction, and DRM tools. Your users don't need any special software on their devices - all they need is an HTML5 browser, even on mobile--and their documents show up fast, through any connection type.

Watch and learn how HTML5 document viewing makes collaborators on SharePoint 2013 more productive.


ImageGear for .NET DICOM MPR Video

This video features a demonstration of the Multi-Planar Reconstruction capabilities of ImageGear v20.

White Paper

Optimizing WordPress Performance with Plugins

This article describes three ways to dramatically improve WordPress performance by doing nothing more than installing a plugin and choosing a few settings. All three plugins described are available from the WordPress Plugin Directory at

White Paper

Unleashing the Power of Document Sharing for Students, Faculty, and Administrators in Higher Education

While messaging via email or learning management system (LMS) has emerged as the critical and comfortable link for daily information exchange in higher education, it has unfortunately also come to double in many institutions as a platform for document sharing, an essential activity for which it is ill-suited.

Faculty distribute important documents such as syllabi and test notes in attachments to email or other messaging media, a time-consuming practice that greatly increases the risk that recipients will wind up with outdated or incorrect information. Administrators commit the same error when sharing policy documents and other critical communications.

Sharing documents through links on school websites or LMSs avoids some of the problems inherent in sharing attachments, but doing so is often inconvenient for faculty and staff, and an additional burden on IT staff maintaining the website. Doing so also shares another fundamental flaw with distributing documents through message attachments: What if the recipient does not have the application or viewer program required for reading the document type attached?

This whitepaper describes how the use of a document sharing environment designed for the purpose can enhance communication effectiveness in higher education settings.


Viewing Documents in SharePoint 2013

Watch this short demonstration to learn how Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint brings fast, enterprise-class document viewing, search, annotation and redaction to hundreds of different file formats through nothing but an HTML5 browser, even on mobile devices.


SharePoint 2013 Converting and Redacting

Watch this short demonstration to learn how Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint empowers you to use an ordinary HTML5 browser to redact sensitive information from a document in SharePoint and then publish the redacted document as a fully searchable PDF file containing no trace of the redacted content.


DRM in SharePoint 2013

Watch this short demonstration to learn how Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint extends SharePoint 2013's digital rights management (DRM) capabilities within enterprise-class, multiformat, browser-based HTML5 document viewing--now optimized for mobile devices!


Where can I find the log files for the Prizm Services?



Case Study

Yahoo! - Document Viewing

Every day, Yahoo! Mail users send and receive millions of attachments. The most common ones are either Adobe PDFs or Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.  In order to read these documents, users have to download them and use the corresponding desktop software to open them up.


Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect had the right components to address this use case. Leveraging the core conversion software, this HTML5 compliant viewer was easy to integrate into Yahoo's existing tech stack. Accusoft worked closely with Yahoo! to make sure that the end result is a highly customized, reliable and scalable solution, which places user experience above all and works across all modern browsers.

Case Study

Unisys - 512

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company. We provide a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients. We specialize in helping clients secure their operations, increase the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance support to their end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications.


Accusoft's ImagXpress Professional and SmartScan Xpress products extend the capability of Unisys Workflow and Imaging by providing barcode recognition and powerful scanning support and image handling within the e-Workflow Solution. The Accusoft development environment offers a new COM interface which includes ActiveX controls for VB, class libraries for C++, and VCLs for Delphi. Accusoft has the required flexibility, functionality, performance, and licensing terms necessary to be a partner of choice for Unisys.

Case Study

Lockheed Martin - 2000 Decennial Census - Image quality assessment, OCR, ICR, image editing, forms processing

Very few software firms can claim to affect every American. Yet touching "every hand in the land" accurately describes TMSSequoia (now Accusoft), thanks to its participation in the 2000 decennial census.


TMSSequoia (now Accusoft) has been a leading software developer since 1981, providing products and toolkits to some of the world's largest corporations and governmental agencies. Recipient of several notable awards, it has installed over a million copies of its software for more than 2,200 customers.

Case Study

Radiology Associates of Albany - Medical image compression technology

Radiology Associates of Albany, a radiology group associated with Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and Columbia - Palmyra Medical Center decided on implementing an in-house Teleradiology solution. Radiology Associates has been the sole source provider of radiology services at both hospitals in Albany, Georgia for over 30 years. They have responsibility for not only the main hospital but an outpatient center, Women's Health Center, and a third hospital in Cuthbert, Georgia.


After Phoebe Putney upgraded to a G.E. CTI CT scanner, it was decided that it would be advantageous to be able to window and level on images viewed remotely, similar to the way it is done on the in-house workstations at the hospital. Radiology Associates chose PICTools Medical compression as part of their solution. PICTools Medical offers lossy and lossless image compression technologies.